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Welcome To my Second Page of Pictures.


Me vs my friend Jay n his 2002 Z 28 w/ SLP cold air kit and m6

I ran this with only a  Lid-Filter and 3200 stall convertor with a  2.0 60-foot everything else was stock

A day after the track Yielded lots of cleaning after ward. Those BFG Drag Radials Hooked Really Good but the rest of my suspension wasn't ready for a launch above 1500 rpms. That will soon change !!!


New time slip with wheel hop and a 1500 stall launch & BFG Drag Radials @ 18 psi hot stock suspension except for subframe conectors




I will be redoing the bottom piece with 1 piece of foam.

I installed some aluminum sheeting to diflect the air into the airbox better Ill be adding a  top sheet as well. So instead of the air floating around inside the hood its being channeled into the box like the BG ram Air does.


   GMMG test fit before I added the tips.


Picture of me driving a 14 liter Turbocharged inline 6 Big Rig. I helped my friend haul water to fill up swimming pools during my fall break.


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